Monday, February 6, 2012

It's not easy being loved.

I believe that each day needs a little morsel of motivation behind it. And no, I'm not talking about the chocolate chip ones that come out of the bag. Even though, those are pretty yummy motivators. Anway, I'm fairly convinced that without motivation, life just passes us by and then one day whamo! Before you know it the hubby is pushing you into an Active Older Adults exercise class in your wheelchair. I'm having this vision of my husband pushing the back of my chair towards the ground so that I would be doing a wheelie. He would be yelling, "Woah cowgirl! Take 'er easy!" He's just that kind of guy. Anyway, life needs purpose. It needs direction. It needs meaning. Without these three things, you might as well just stay in bed and let life keep going on without you. And that's exactly what I didn't do this morning. Because I have a plan {a goal} that I am sticking to right now. And, quite honestly, because if I don't get my workout in before 7am, it's just not gonna happen that day. So, my point. Motivation+purpose+direction+meaning=you can basically do whatever you put your mind to. However, when one of these items suddenly falls out of the equation, it's a slippery slope to dead-goals land. What can you possibly do in life with motivation but without purpose? How about meaning without motivation? You can have a purpose for your goal but without direction, your path is quite dark and dreary. Each day is a blessing to do some good. I've had a few experiences over the last couple weeks that have helped me realize the great significance of living a grand life from day to day. A life of purpose and meaning. I am grateful for those personal reminders. Now, to end on a humorous note, today's inspiration came from my second-oldest child who brought this sweet Valentine home from kindergarten. Can you translate it? Hint: the 6th word is HAVING.

Ha! I love it. Seriously laughed my butt off reading this today. And do every time I read it....You are welcome, Lillsters. You are welcome.

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