Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We live in such a funny world. It's so fast and furious. Yesterday I made myself my own little mini-vacation just to try to get way from it all. I turned our living room couch towards the south-facing windows so the sun would shine on my Minnesota-pale face. I started the dishwasher to simulate the sound of ocean waves. Then, I took a nap. And what came of this? A reality check. See, we want everything so dang fast these days. The problem is, we can pretty much get what we want when we want it. We have supercenter grocery stores, shopping malls, credit cards, the Internet. What we need (or want) is usually within a short reach. But then, we want something that we can't grab right away. Something that is going to take some time. And all of a sudden, we get all pouty and sad. Disappointed. Frustrated. Take Veruca Salt, for example. All that poor girl wanted was a golden goose, for Heaven's sakes. Then, she gets a bit carried way and her needs suddenly include things like balloons and baboons. I, like Veruca, want something. It's an odd something. Something not too many other people in the world want. Ironically enough, I want to get faster. Wait. Wasn't I just trying to escape the fast by making my own cheap 30-minute living room vacation? Yeah, kinda. But the fast I need is through running. And, according to my metabolic plan, I am going to have to wait eleven more weeks to find improvement. Just improvement, folks. Not perfection. Improvement in my times. Improvement in my overall fitness. I am in week two of my twelve-week off season metabolic training plan. My body is going through some funky kind of "you haven't been treating me very nicely over the last couple of years" backlash. The proof is in the pudding (Oh, yummy decedent chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top and a few graham crackers for crunch): If you do not feed your body properly while training for some fun event, you may do alright. You may even PR. However, you won't be doing your absolute best. And that's what I want to do. My own personal bestest best. So, even though this is going to be a long process, I am committed. Kinda like these kids are. 'Cause the best things come to those who wait.

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