Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Birds

Today is my 31st birthday. Stacey and I celebrated by heading out for a nice long run this morning. I have been needing this for a few weeks now. I wanted to get 9-10 miles in so I would feel as confident as possible going into Saturday's 1/2 marathon. I was late meeting her, since I found a huge ant pile in the laundry room and JP decided to plan one of his tricky wake up at 4:00am feeding jokes. We ended up leaving around 5:30am. The birds were chirpin' away! We did a 9.4 mile loop and loved how bright it got. Today is one of the first sunny days we have had in about a week. I think it made us go faster....we both felt like we were running behind and that our husbands were going to be late for work! :) When I first started running, I always went by myself. I never enjoyed running with someone else. Not sure why that was the case, but it just was. However. since training for Grandma's Marathon, running with friends is kinda fun. The runs, no matter how hard, go by faster and it's fun to talk about mom stuff. I think it's kinda funny....all of my running partners so far {besides my husband} have been 5'4" or shorter. So, either I have a VERY short stride {which I think might be physically impossible} or those girls are just speedy rock stars! I think it's the second choice.

9.4 miles/1:19:07 8.4 minute mile

P.S. JP gave me the best early birthday present yesterday. Sitting up all by himself!

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