Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I could barely wake up this morning. We cracked a window in our room. It was chilly and crisp and I felt like I could stay under those covers forever! Well, that feeling was short-lived. Pete's alarm went off soon after so he could go study for the GMAT, JP let out a scream from his room and that was that. Off to the Y I went. I have been doing my interval training on Tuesdays and I have been trying to get them done outside. It's more enjoyable than the treadmill. This morning, I was a wimp and decided it was too cold to go outside. I did 1/4 mile intervals on the treadmill, starting at 7:30 and getting faster after each interval to 6:30. My rest pace was 8:20. My legs felt good and so did my breathing. I think that it mostly because when I do intervals outside, I run uphill, then down. On the treadmill this morning, I kept the incline lower than normal. 5 miles with a cool down/39:40.

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