Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dang it!!!!!!!

It's been too long since I have updated this blog. ALOT has happened since 2010. We welcomed JP, our first son into the world (mentioned in the earlier post), I have become a group fitness instructor, my kids are bigger than they were two years ago, the hubby got a new job, we thought we were moving, then we never moved and I have shed baby weight {hopefully} for the last time. Running, as sad as it seems, has taken a back seat to all of life's happenings. However, the hubby and I are running our first race of 2011 in two weeks. Now that the weather is {semi} nice, I have been fitting my runs in pre-day, meaning I am up and out the door by 5 or 5:15am. I have a great running friend so knowing she is up helps tugs me out of bed. Now that my body is back in shape, I'm hoping running moves up on the priority list. But, with four kids and teaching 5-6 group exercise classes a week, this might be as good as it gets!

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