Friday, July 10, 2009

Departing from the norm.

Vacation runs are like....

I have no idea what they are like, besides enjoyable. I guess I should be grateful I got a few in while we were away. I went three times for a total of 15 miles for the week. I ran twice with my sub-4 hour marathoner brother-in-law and once by myself (gotta love the Shuffle). We kept a nice, easy 9-9:30 minute/mile pace. It was enjoyable to run in an area of the country (rural northern Ohio)away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It was peaceful, serene and I could run down the middle of the road and feel safe (I don't like running on the's sloped to prevent water buildup and my knees KNOW that!). It reminded me of our days when we actually lived in Ohio and when I first started running:

Christmas, 2006

August, 2007 (first 5K race in Ohio)

August, 2008 (due in a month with girl #3, in MN)
May, 2009 Half-Marathon

June 2009, Marathon finisher!
Running is now a part of my life. It's as important as eating breakfast. Unless you give working out this much credit, it's hard to make it the norm. Running gives me a mental break away from being a stay-at-home mommy, it gives me the energy I need to survive day in and day out and it makes my heart happy. The less pumps now, the longer it will pump over time, right?

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Beccarigg said...

Love the before and after pics! Isn't it crazy to look back and think, Whoa! That was me? You look amazing now! Even when you were pregnant you looked awesome! Running definitely does a body good!