Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nature Run

This week (16 down, 2 to go!) I managed to get outside for every scheduled run. And, with each run this week, I learned a few new things about my surroundings:

1. All runners should be grateful for those who get up early in the morning to run. Why, you ask? Because those of us who get up early clear away all the spider webs along the trails through the heavily wooded forests. No problem. You are welcome. Oh, have I mentioned how much I hate spiders?

2. Geese. Are. Mean. Very, very mean. And, did you know they make this noise?

I didn't know either until I snuck up behind two adult geese and eight baby geese Tuesday morning. Really bad idea. I was honestly scared for my life. At one point, they started coming at me, so I stopped moving completely. I let them head towards the lake, but as I passed them, they continued to punch their heads forward and hiss at me. Yikes!

3. Sprinklers can turn on in a split second. QUESTION: Have any of you actually stopped to drink out of a random sprinkler during any of your runs? I wonder if it is against running etiquette...I was seriously tempted around mile four on Friday morning.

4. Running twelve miles in the rain is actually a bit refreshing when it hasn't rained at all during the previous month.

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Lisa said...

Where we live most of the sprinklers use irrigation water (straight from the river) and you would likely experience abdominal distress if you got that water in your system!