Friday, June 12, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

The marathon is one week from tomorrow. I am so, so excited. So excited that I am updating my Shuffle playlist. I wish I didn't love music so much. And those dang Black Eyed Peas? They get me every time. What's up with the $1.29 songs on iTunes? Geesh. My bank account would probably enjoy it more if I didn't like music either. A few things I have been thinking about while grooving to Boom Boom Pow:

Is there a benefit to listening to music while working out? I found this article interesting:,7120,s6-240-466--13035-0,00.html?cm_mmc=training-_-2009_06_10-_-women-_-MUSIC%3a%20Crank%20It%20Up%20

Is there any way I would be able to run 26.2 miles without my lovely shuffle? Absolutely. No. Way.

Here are a few playlist samples for next Saturday:

Livin' on a Prayer: Bon Jovi
Single Ladies: Beyonce
Are You Gonna Be My Girl: JET
Pump It: Black Eyed Peas
I Will Follow (Live from Milan---just makes me think what Milan would look like): U2
I Want It All: Ashley Tisdale (I am a grown-up sucker for HSM)
Rock This Party: Big Ali
The Way I Are: REMIX-Power Music Workout
List of Demands: Saul Williams
Clocks: Coldplay
Praise You: Fatboy Slim
Move Ya Body: Jabba and Nina
Let's Get Loud: Jennifer Lopez
Whine Up: Kat DeLuna
4 Minutes: JT
Wanna Be Startin' Something: Michael Jackson
Don't Stop the Music: Rihanna
Send Me on My Way: Rusted Root (gotta love Ice Age!)
Desire: U2
Boom Boom Pow: Black Eyed Peas
If I Never See Your Face Again (well, that's not very nice): Maroon 5

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