Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Did I really just do that?

I threw out my scale last week. Yeah. It was a cute one. Pink in fact. I've had it for six trusty years. It supposedly could figure out my body fat percentage in just three to five easy seconds. However, I never agreed with the results. The body fat calculation or my actual weight. Us girls are just so silly. We go up in weight, and we go down in weight. Our jeans fit in the morning, but not in the evening. We have babies, we get back into shape, then we decide to have more babies. If we even take a short, non-threatening glimpse at a piece of cheesecake, we gain two pounds. How lucky we all are! So after a mental block two weeks ago, this was the only thing I could think of to stop my fear dead in it's tracks. What fear, you may ask? The fear of failing. For some reason, I was associating the numbers I kept seeing on the scale with my progress within the program. The numbers kept going up on the scale, which for some odd, silly reason meant that I was failing. I wasn't doing something right. Maybe this metabolic training thing just wasn't meant for me. Then I read this from my trusty commander and thought, "Light bulb!" {Another kid movie reference. Who can name the movie? Come on. Anyone?}
The bottom line is that the scale just doesn’t have any really valuable information for you. Everyone has heard the obligatory “muscle weighs more than fat” ad nauseum, but scale addiction lives on. Even though, as I pointed out above, weight says virtually nothing about attractiveness, it continues to be the primary focus of most women and many men when it comes to aesthetic goals. My advice to you if you have aesthetic goals: remember that humans are first and foremost visual creatures. Take circumference measurements, or just make note of clothing sizes. Why circumference measurements? Because you can see them. Maybe take a “before” picture of yourself and compare it to the body in the mirror from time to time. If your fitness level improves (more strength, power, speed), and you drop a pant size, is your weight important? If you really think about it, a rational person would be totally willing to gain a few pounds in exchange for losing an inch in their squishy spots. You can have a healthier perspective. Don’t obsess over the stuff that doesn’t really matter. Be rational when prioritizing your benchmarks and you can stay on track without pulling your hair out in patches. Just something to think about.
I was a scale addict. Always have been. Stepping on every single morning. I didn't need coffee. {Good thing, 'cause I don't drink coffee.} Then, one of two things would happen. I would either 1. Get mad. 2. Do a quick happy dance before getting in the shower. My entire attitude that day was based on a three-digit number {Yes, a three digit number. You two-digit number people will never be as cool as us three-digit people. Just sayin'.} It was cutting and damaging and a complete waste of energy. So, it's gone. The scale is gone. And honestly, I never should have bought it in the first place. You wanna know why? Because I am in week seven of my metabolic testing program and even though I haven't lost weight {Loosing weight was never my intention. Gaining weight wasn't either}, I feel stronger. I feel less jiggly and more lean. When I run, I am starting to notice a change in my form and in my breathing. This has been the most exciting change for me. My heart rate is staying lower and I am feeling great. So heck with you, Mr. {My scale has always been male. Just makes sense.} Taylor. There is no more room for you under my sink if the only thing you do is make me think I should be something I am not.

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