Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is that what you think?

On my way home from the gym this morning, I briefly listened to a radio station contest called "Shut up if...." Kinda lame, however one of the contestants texted in with this winner, "Shut up if you are a stay at home mom and sit in the spa all day and get your nails done every week." Huh. Interesting. So.....where are the kids when all this is happening? And, can it really be this persons ideology that stay at home moms are sitting in spas all day? Well, let me tell you one thing. I am a stay at home mom and I bite my nails. A very, very, very bad long standing habit of mine. So, I obviously don't get my little stubs manicured every week. As for the spa? What would I do there? My second toe is freakishly longer then my big toe (my dad says that's why I am so athletically advanced) so I'll save myself the embarrassment of getting a pedicure. My face breaks out every month no matter what divine facial mask I put on it, I am ok with having wrinkly skin and I have been trying to grow out my hair for the last year. Ponytails win! However, I do have a little stay at home mom secret. As of today, I have figured out how to master the laundry. No, really. I have a system. A brilliant system. It's so brilliant that I should patent it. Can I even do that? Can you patent a process? Who knows. Anyway, I've tried everything over the last 10 years of being married and having kid, after kid, after kid, after kid. That's four kids, right? I lost count.....Laundry twice a week, laundry once a week, wash all of the laundry in one day, just to have it sit in a mountain on my bedroom floor for a week until the entire cycle starts over again. Blah. O.k. Are you ready for the secret? Oh, gosh. It's too good. Maybe I should keep it to myself? Na, I'm in a good mood. Plus, if I want my kids to share, I better set a good example, right? Wait for it..............................


Oh yeah, baby! That's the ticket! Do a load every day. Kinda sounds too easy. Well, I can't take credit for this entire stroke of plain genius. Last night, while our good ole' happy family was hastily trying to fold and put away 6+loads of laundry, I asked, "Wow, guys. How can we make this easier?" And my super-cool, way cute advanced lean process engineer husband pipes in with, "Batch production. That will make it easier. First get rid of the waste (in his mind waste would be 95% of all the kids' clothes) then batch your production. Keep on task and the task won't become too overwhelming." Then he gave me an example of a bakery (my ears were suddenly hearing words like warm white bread and frosted donuts).

So, this morning I took on the challenge and like any normal human being would do, I went to Target. Blasted place. Target steals all of my money!!! After searching and searching, then breaking into an unpaid box of Clif Bars, I bought me one of these and six little cute fabric bins to go inside. I wrote six names on six bins and that was that. See proof below.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. "Those little bins are too small. They won't hold that much stuff." Yes! Yes! Yes! That is exactly the point. If you do a load of laundry every single day, there's no need for huge laundry baskets invading the free space left on your closet floor. In theory, this is how it's going to work. Everyone in the fam has a bin. That bin goes upstairs from the laundry room at night (Yep, we own a three level townhome. What goes up or down must go the oppostite direction three flights at a time), collects what needs washed, then gets taken downstairs in the morning as part of our family's regular before school routine. What's clean heads back upstairs the next evening to be folded (The two older girls are on their own here....nothing is folded in their drawers anyway so why should I waste my precious time folding laundry that will soon be unfolded?) and the process continues. The trial period? Two weeks should be good. After that, we will know for sure if this sweet idea is here to stay. Come on now! Isn't this brilliant? If implemented in all homes, the world would be a much happier place. Because as we all know, if mom ain't happy, nobody's happy. The only downside? Loss of revenue at many spas and nail salons. "Kids, momma's not going to the spa today. There's a load of laundry to do!"


Anonymous said...

It is a brilliant idea!

I will admit I do know one stay at home mom with three kids all older school age. She does go to the spa, boutique shops reads at least one book a week and has to leave her house when the cleaning lady comes over. When this came out to a group of us we did want to strangle her...(probably out of sheer envy- lucky duck)


Unknown said...

Great system. My laundry room is too small for any bins but I have a tension rod thingy and I hang the shirts right away. Then fold the rest in the ONE laundry basket of the day and then we all try to empty it ASAP. LOVE your bins..I just need room!

Jessica said...

Hey! Who is anonymous and who is unknown? :)

Emily said...

Love what you call your hubby there, the lean engineer machine, thing. :)
Mine's the slightly puffier version. :)
Also, we sort laundry and don't fold the kids' for that very reason, love that you feel the same way about your precious time. I think I might teach the skill sometime, to the olders as an option. :)

Um, so after seeing your tidy shelf there, I cleaned my shelves so I could put baskets on them yesterday, thats a start. Next, I really like the idea of cleaning out superfluous clothes. Just read a blog and was wowed on how little one mom aloted to each child. I sort a like clothes so that could be hard to simplify, but good. Definitely good. Last, I hate laundry so that sorting it all in one day is my way of dealing with it as least as possible, but I know one day I'll have to make the switch. Let me know how it goes.
Emily B.