Thursday, August 25, 2011

The dreaded side stitch!

In almost every race I have participated in, I get a side cramp right underneath my ribs on the right side. Toward the very end of my training run this morning, the same thing happened! I did a little research this afternoon and apparently I'm not the only one who gets them!
This information has brought me so much relief and excitement knowing how to combat this problem. Today my legs felt amazing (they don't now, however) and my breathing (now that I know I am a TERRIBLE shallow breather) wasn't very heavy. I felt good until the side stitch around mile 15. If I can get past the pain of a side stitch, I will be a happy runner, 'cause the pain isn't a joke! I kinda thought my kidneys were failing on me. :) Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem!
Oh, and I found this on the counter this morning before I left the house. Training for a race is always that much better when you have the support of your best friend!

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Beccarigg said...

That note is THE sweetest thing ever. Seriously makes all the difference to have a great support system like that. : )