Sunday, June 5, 2011

Broke Down

Well, I broke my right pinkie toe Friday afternoon. Blah. That really puts a damper on my running plans. I just got down to right around 8 min/miles and whamo! Literally. Whamo right into the wall. Doing a princess twirl with Lilly. Crooked toes look pretty funny and hurt worse than one might think. Pete's uncle is a podiatrist and sent me directions on my to set the bone myself. Without too many details, I did it. And, it hurt. Bad. Here's to waiting at least two weeks until the running thing can start again. Thank goodness cycling doesn't hurt it. :) Hopefully running won't be too hard to catch up on when I am healed.


Taber said...
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Beccarigg said...

NOOOOOO!!!!! That is so not fair! I'm so sorry Jess, injuries like that are so frustrating! I can't believe you set it yourself, you are hardcore woman! Hope it heals quickly and you're back out there pounding the pavement again soon!