Sunday, August 2, 2009


Pre-race with the hubby.
Getting my/our medal.

Post run family picture, with our adopted daughter Kate. Thanks, Amy, for watching the girls.

A quick pose with a few church buddies. Awesome, awesome ladies they are.

Geesh. I wish we could have had the weather we had on Saturday for the marathon in June. I'm sure if that would have been the case, I would have ran a sub-4 hour. Yep. Sure of it. Well, maybe. Heck. Who knows.

Anyway, I would have also probably ran a lot faster if my husband ran that marathon with me. This weekend, he was a great motivator. And, it was fun to run with him. It was our first official race together. Aaaaaahhhhh.....I didn't even take my iPod. Oh, the horror to listen to yourself breath heavy!

O.k. Enough mushy stuff and back to the results. It was a fun race. Very, very unorganized but cheap and fun. It was a cross-country style course with about 1 mile on the Canterbury Park turf. Thick, bumpy turf. Pete and I both thought the grass would add a minute or two to our goal time so with that in mind (and after the guy dressed in a red suit played the trumpet) we took off at the front of the pack. And surprisingly, that is where we stayed.

We ran together, pushing each other to go faster on the straightaways, up until the last 100 yards, when I was giving it all I had but I could tell Pete wanted to chase down the guy we had been following for the last 1/2 mile. He did, and I finished 20 seconds behind at 23:30. Pete finished 43rd overall with a time of 23:10 and I got 2nd place in the 20-29 female division ( year I'll be in the OLD division. Nice.).

I am so completely thrilled with my time. I wanted to come in under 24 minutes on the turf. It was so hard to get good footing on that stuff. Kinda feel bad for the horses that run on that grass. The 5K distance is a really fun distance. I have missed running those races, especially while training for the marathon. It's been really rewarding mixing things up lately, between running various short and long distance and cycling class. It's also been nice to have a buddy to run with. We are going to try to sign up for a few more races before it starts getting cold around here again (and that, my friends, won't be too long from now!).


Beccarigg said...

SO so awesome! First of all, you are a speed demon and that is SO cool you earned a medal! That's like one of my dreams, but I'll probably have to enter a really small race to ever see that happen. (we're talking maybe 10 people, that are all over 70 ;)

I totally agree about running with the hubby! Taber and I just starting running together again and it's the BEST! Glad you guys has such an awesome race (and yeah, cool weather is SO much easier to run in! I looked at the Fargo marathon and I'm thinking that's going to be a much better bet for next year!)

Jessica said...

This was a really small race...I think there were only 250 who actually ran it.

I am thinking Fargo too. It is earlier and worst case scenario, it's snowing, right? :)