Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A girl just gots to have shoes.

Call me crazy. It's o.k. I can take it. But I just changed running shoes. Brands and everything. 4 weeks before this. What I have done is like....hhhmmmm....well....

1. Changing the locks on all your doors and trying to get inside with your old keys. OR

2. Eating chicken 2-3 times per week then trying to fake out your family with tofu. OR

3. Switching deodorants. OR

4. Changing hair care products in the middle of hot and humid season.

It's just not smart!

I logged around 350 miles in these. This was my second pair of serious running shoes/Brooks that I could afford and the first pair that I actually tracked mileage on. (I actually started out in Nike's....OH THE HORROR! Just don't do it!) During my 20-miler last weekend, I could feel serious pavement and my knees could feel it too. Husband tells me the next day to try a new brand. I thought he was crazy and continued to tell him how crazy I thought he was. Well, he's not so crazy anymore. I went here and tried on a few shoes. Just for fun. SIDENOTE: The rock wall looks much higher when you are looking up at it rather than looking at it from in your car on the interstate. It was love at first feel when these babies (in a size 11 of course...kudos to REI for selling women's size 11's, by the way) cradled my feet. I could not believe how much better they felt, especially since I have a special way of overpronating. Several reviews sited blisters as a problem. Not good 4 weeks out from a marathon, but I gave them a try anyway. Well, blisters shmisters!!! I ran 5 miles this morning and haven't taken them off yet. Sold!


Anonymous said...

I am a big Asics fan, have been for the past few years. I never have any problems breaking them in.

Eric said...

350 - 400 is about the max I can get out of my brooks. The midsole cusioning was probably gone.

Beccarigg said...

Okay, I know we're getting into crunch time but I'm thinking of getting some new shoes too! I run in Nike's and your Nike comment kind of confirmed my fears! I've heard a lot of good things about Asics though so I'm heading to the running room today to have a look. Should be able to break them in in 3 weeks right? ; )