Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheesy Chips

O.k. I am still reflecting on the half-marathon. It was my first race complete with chip timing. Not sure yet what I think about it. Obviously, it is more accurate. Or, is it? Here are my times officially posted from the event.

1:56:55-Chip time
1:57:32-Gun time

It's the pace thing that is killing me here. Note-I realize we are talking about a difference of 37 seconds here, but those sweet little 37 seconds are actually dang hard-earned seconds. What else could I have done in 37 seconds? Taken a shower (when I can actually fit one in), eat a cupcake, glass clean a window or heck, sit down on the couch for a few lovely seconds before regaining the strength to get up and help wash hands before lunch. Why take the pace from the gun time? Doesn't it make more sense calculating it from the chip time? The time you actually crossed the starting line until the time you actually crossed the finish line? I'm stumped.

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Beccarigg said...

Hey Jessica! Thanks for the link! I'm so excited that we're training for the same event! I'll definitely be a faithful reader of your blog, I need all the motivation and inspiration I can get!

Great job on your half marathon time! I don't care what anyone else says, you totally earned those 37 seconds! My hubby and I are running the Maple Grove half marathon tomorrow. I'm not quite as fast as you but hoping to finish around 2 hours. Good luck with your training!